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media + audience
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well I can't find the articles online, but here's a really brief summary of two topics featured within the few weeks in TST that kinda got me.. a little agitated.

The first being a collection of articles, and the similarity and abundance of these articles can show the degeneration of news. I'm referring to the gamut of Facebook articles that are featured every week. Every Sunday's edition takes the cake for the most empty-headed content. Reading it is worse than any article in a tabloid, yes sweeping statement whatevah.

Facebook this, facebook that, what kind of facebook elite school student are you, what are your greatest inner fears, weekly facebook parodies of famous people's walls, it's disgusting, reeking of fluid diarrhoea. Flows straight through your gullet if you lap it all in thinking, 'heh, I'm so cool cuz I can relate to it cuz I have a facebook account, ergo, I'm cool!'

No, I'm not dissing all facebook users, I'm dissing those, the sort who wrote articles like such published in MJC's newsletter, bout how cool he is, and how it can connect geeks with awesome-ly cool people such as himself. Oh, Mr. Socially inept, grow a brain, not another mouth.

If news continues to spiral into viral nonsense of facebook shoddiness, well then it just show's the movie Idiocracy has a point, a very valid one.

The second, being the speak Mandarin campaign that features wee-lil westerners. For one, let me re-establish the fact that I was the only one who got a U grade in my JC for chinese, effectively pulling down an otherwise 100% pass rate. Still, the mental retardation of some gutless Singaporeans can't beat my shame. They trump it with (pride + stupidity)^2. If you havent seen it already, here...

They've got more proficiency than me, darn it all. But unlike the majority public, I was ashamed. Yes. You see, the majority believe that the video is a momumental insult to them. Why must you show ang-mohs, blahblahblah, how can you shame us like this, yaddahyaddahyaddah, stewpid campaign tactic to insult our language!

Ohmygosh how can they be so immature. The fact is all too apparent, admit it and solve it! Little kids with better fluency shows how important the language can be, and the dropping of our langauge should be a disgrace rather than an abomination of the committee for Speak Mandarin Campaign.

I'm putting in exponential effort as compared to any other year I took chinese, took me the last straw of an A level fail to wake me, and I'm hoping it ain't too late. If I can't pass the June attempt, then I'll be forced to take CLB and pass it within about 4 months, 5..

penned by joel at 12:09 PM


in todays news...
Friday, April 10, 2009

Meridian JC top performer in project work.

About 95% (95.5%) of Meridian Junior College students scored A's in project work, making the school this year top performer in the subject...

...trumped power houses HCJC (85%) and RJC (92%)...

...the sucess was attributed to the way they 'teach' the subject. "We inspire creativity in the students by exposing them to exciting trends and interesting things companies are doing." A student said "being exposed to new creative trends motivated her group mates and her to look at topics from new angles. Her group scored an A. Quote "I think looking at things in fresh ways gave us an extra edge."....

Temasek JC saw to a controversial huge leap last year when 87% scored As, as the previous year only saw to 7% getting A's.

I have nothing to say, yet so much to. So very much. Contrary to what many believe, this subject is not only moderated externally, they fail to see that it is moderated internally prior to external moderation. I shan't be stupid to write certain things, but I shan't hold back my disgust either.

Tsk tsk, pangsai

I'm not a sourgrape, my whole group managed to get A's too, but darn our school has been fixed at around 34%, and I think that's wayy more realistic. Assuming a cohort of 600, using their A's statistics, a certain JC had only 27 who didn't get A's. Poor 27 huh.


penned by joel at 10:45 AM


no, brandon. that's just silleh!
Friday, April 3, 2009

This is looking to be a good week. My monday started out horrible, arrived late. Had an awfully crammed experience on the two morning transfer buses, plus I finally missed the school stop while the other TPJCians and I ignorantly forgot to ring the bell ><

Still, the GP and Economics results did great for my mood. Had no idea how I managed to, but I scored C and B respectively for both subjects, much better than quite a few. I really slacked off my preparations, and I guess it reflects in my S and E for Physics and Maths. But still, a C and B.. :D

Results aside, here's my preliminary sketch for TPJC Runway. Keep in mind it's themed to Circus Maximus, so I added muses from ring masters and acrobats to come up with this. Still, I'm gonna have to add in elements of flamboyance and glitz. Thinking of getting Joseph's help for the colours on Adobe, colour pencils don't give justice to what I need to visualize..

Took this sometime last week, the weather was cool, just after a rain. I love bathing on days like these, the warm glow bathes your bathroom walls, it'd seem like a resort anywhere with this sunset hue.

So I took the liberty of initiating a CCA tee for tennis, seeing so many get started on theirs, and thinking it'd do better for team spirit, wearing something uniform. You'd be amazed what uniformity can inculcate, if you didn't already realize P:

Painstaking, I tell ya. I shoulda gone with Wah Mee, some brand Joseph got for his CCA tee. Designed, confirmed and rolled out in a matter of a week. Mine had delays aplenty, and problems on their side so often that I had inklings I'd need to switch companies.

Still, the convenience they provided, coming down to school, no deposits and free delivery was really appealing to my laziness. Talk about sales pitch. So here're the three tee's that I've designed for my CCAs, the first two being student council tees, and each for 2007, 2008, and the tennis tee this year, '09 :\

This was actually co-designed by me senior, but I didn't like her taste tbh. I prefer fewer words, pictures yell more on a tee, and I didn't want cheesy leaderships phrases. Still, had to give some leeway for her part.

Below, the second tee. Undertook the whole of this, had the muse of shields and crests at that time, 'specially the one I did for Yi Chen and several others.. it's the second picture down, L for Lee yeah.

Here's the motif on the upper left of the polo, I was suprised at the intricacy of crest, it even had the shadow linings heh. The Damai logo's just below the lower tip of the crest, and at the back of the design too, draped in a scroll..

TadahhhhH! The tennis tee, plain n simple, but I'm so satisfied. It's the prefectionism that made me go bonkers for them to get the right colour. The firm said they had a printing darkening process to alter design colours automatically. I had to compensate for that useless darkening :X

Great, now I have something else to wear for tennis trainings, instead of the cyclical attire constantly :X Imma start designing the second draft of the TPJC runway outfit, and gonna go CHINATOWN (:D) tomorrow aftah school to get materials. My first attempt at designing and making an entire contume from scratch, wish me luckkkk!

penned by joel at 9:47 PM


TPJC runway
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jo Jr.'s (heh mark) blog has been relocated owing to some complications.. :\

So I've entered TPJC runway, a fashion design competition including participants from within and external competitors, Hwa Chong JC to be exact. Wait, is that the name, I doesn't seem to sound right. The theme's Cirucs Maximus, i.e. circus couture.. I'll upload my design in the following post, as I'm bloggin' now in haste. Personally, I've seen only two other submitted designs, and they weren't fantastic. But then again fashion's so subjective, what would I know.

The top prize is 300 big ones, second, 200, and third, 100 or 150 I can't remember which. We're to make the designs on our own. Previous year's runways saw to cheap piecings-together of Giordano-like, simple apparel to give an illusion of a dynamic incorporation of different pieces. Cheap. I'll source a picture of the external competitors (dunno if it was HCJC too) winning entry, which imho, woulda won the internal catergories hands down. It dared to be bold, unlike the simplicity of our entrants. This year'll prove different, I have the feeling..

Of course, gunning for nothing other than first, but I wish I could sneak a peek at the other desgins submitted. Dunno how I'll stitch together my piece of work though, from scratch no less. Chinatown, it's gonna be soon. Clothing material haven, I'm told. Don't know why I pursue this competition when I'm not in the arts stream though, but I'm really interested in this, goes to show my lack of critical analysis when it came to streaming.

But then I woulda missed out on my classmates. My class has the most number of tennis members, standing at 4, and one ex member J3 puts it at 5, she's just joined us :) 'part from that, I can't deny that I've been influenced in tiny bits, and perhaps changed somewhat in character, hopefully for the better ?:D

I'll update more often, don't leaveee!

Here's something I penned, comments please!

Your brilliance, like the stars above,
With you,
took little to fall in love.
Your warmth, your touch, holds me transfixed,
Immaculate, thus improbable,
the wound afflicts.

Mayhap across time, your heart will grow fonder,
Persistence restrains,
the reluctance to ponder.
Now solitude, I'm destitute, trapped in a cell.
Distraction, delusion,
naught can dispell.

That which devoured me, just as empowered me,
Sent me along currents,
out to a raging sea.
I knew not where I stood, yet where I should.
Now none the wiser,
Whishing upon stars and hither,
If would were could.

penned by joel at 10:48 PM