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we laugh, we sing, we get things
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We celebrated Shermaine's 18th on Friday, a day early, and the plan went so well, it was awesome :D we didn't do a thing the whole school day, till after tennis. Met up and arranged with her mom to keep her at home, and then popped in quietly.

Her reaction was really priceless, why didn't I capture it on camera, augh! She was so shocked, she cried., and Cheryl hugged her, heh she cried last year too, when we surprised her at Mos Burger. Of course we didn't know her as well then, so this year wayyy beats that celebration.

Quotable funnies :)

Hx: Wrappers are meant to be destroyed, especially when it's made by Joel. Cuz he'll just make another one.

Hx: okok! open the next one.
Sherm: (heheh) why you seem more excited than me.
Brandon: Guess what's inside!
Sherm: Omigosh I saw topshop.. It's not something you got for Joel on his birthday is it?
Hx: (*cough) itis!

I don't know how silly that dialogue sounds, but I swear it's hilarious, I can watch that video several times over and still laugh :P

Spent the weekend helping out a friend from the Japan field trip, Olivia, at her parent's stall sellin stuff. Kinda tiring, but really eye opening and interesting. The last time I stepped into a wet market was somewhere in primary school I think. Got a $100 ang bao packet from that, and a bad backache. Met her friend from NY, Xin Yi, who knew Eileen. Small world, huh? Sherm says that too often :\

Then the new year spanning two days was spent sick. A fever and some other stuff, that kept me in bed and the toilet, for quite some time ._. Took in a total loot of $255, with some relatives unrecieved yet, and others, not at all. And then of course, some thinner ones. It amazes me how some people get billion times of mine >< Repercussions of living in a 4 kid family.

So I skipped school today, still having residual bits of the fever and such. I think it was food contamination somewhere, but whatever it is, back to school on Thursday, whattabore. Sorry for the delayed update!

penned by joel at 1:58 PM


not ready just yet
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's been a while, busy with tests that I've way too unprepared for. This morning, heading for my maths and chinese topical tests, I forgot to bring my GC, MF15 list and chinese dictionary. Epic preparation the night before of blog surfing, feels really shameless. Haha! (even more shameful that I'm none too concerned about it :\)

Tormenting studies aside, I busied myself with some card makin and such, for chinese new year, and something for Brandon's birthday. Manhattan Portage! (lets hope there's no silly copyright thingy, it ain't for advertorial, and even so, it's beneficial! heh)

This is the reference from google, and below, voila!

Yes, packaging required too. I spent about four hours over two days making this, but brashly proud when I was all done :D

Chinese new year cards for fun. I'm practically doing these for time killers, please take me out of JC.. ugh

unfinished card, and here's an earlier, completed design..

Ok enough of cny, but thank goodness it's coming early this year, ample holiday-ing to transition me back into dreadful JC life. The holidays have been sheer bliss, only to return to intensive examinations. Actually I like going there for company, its obvious what bores me to death there, though. I mean,

Just WHO is gonna need to figure out what secxtanx will be when differentiated 3 times. Or for that matter, the area of a darn field in i, j and k vectors. Haven't they figured out the use of measuring tape? Wish they would leave this for future maths teachers to uselessly teach the next generation.

I'd rather someone prove me wrong and show me why it's useful to learn this poop.. *grumble mumble*

I've been following this blog lately, it's quite worth a read regardless of your time. For your perusal :)

penned by joel at 6:51 PM


impending studies and blisters, ouch
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I had tennis training today, at a last minute notification, and whoa it was bad. I haven't played since a week before my Japan trip, so more than a month ago. Worst still, I got new tennis shoes but I got 1 size too small. Oh man it's sore. I got blisters at my ankle, and even if I can get used to it, there're alot of friendlies coming up.

PJC tomorrow, MJC two weeks from now, and AJC coming up sometime soon. I wouldn't know standards, but for MJC which I've played against, I can just say that its gonna be a quick game..


Here's a video I did for the Japan trip, I did two, but this is the shorter one. Gonna have to present our trip to the school sometime after school reopens. Reopens, gosh. What a blissful 2 months, how short it was too.. But thankfully maximized, in my opinion.

penned by joel at 3:21 PM


round up
Monday, January 5, 2009

Tried my luck at restarting the train of mugging. Seemed like it needed a lot of cranking as it turned out, studying with Cheryl and Shermaine yesterday. got through halfway of integration before watching Taken in the TV room, at my dad's behest.

Not a bad movie, apart from the ludicrous actions scenes that only Steven Segal should've survived. Went for dinner at Sakae later on, with coffee for supper, the former with my parents and Joseph. At least the attempt to study was a start. But wayyy too late, heh :\

Sorry I won't have time to do the tagging like yi chen's/mark's/jake's and joseph's blog. I doubt I'll have the creativity to make it interesting

Movie favourites

-Forrest Gump, for it's musical score, elements of different genres, and the fact that it's based on a true story
-The Mist

-My Girl, the thai version

Best tracks, though it's so everchanging

-Howie Day - Collide (first heard from Scrubs)
-Say - John Mayer
-Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie (only got their latest album recently from hx)

Best played games don't really mean much to me, how about most desired places of visit?

-New Zealand
-Japan, again. For the third time :D

Most craved eats

-Anything apple-y (crepes, pies, flambé etc)
-Anything citrus-y with food

-Simple Aglio Olio that's just right (Tomato Express gets it quite right, imho)

Sweetest fruits

-Rambutan, without a doubt


Desirable drinks

-An ice blend of strawberries, pineapple, and a dash of calamansi.
-Milk tea, I can be simple in that area (:
-Frozen Mojito

What I'd grab in an emergency is pretty obvious, so I wouldn't detail, but perhaps items I'd value the most, necessities aside

-My Canon Digital Ixus 75, of which ain't manufactured anymore

-Swiss Army Knife from Switzerland, engraved and bought by my dad in 1991
-My Wilson Tennis racket, although in often fits of rage, it helps me vent my anger heh heh.

Best pastime

-Scrapbooking, although its more of card making
-Cooking, ties with the first I think


Best display piece? More of item of most sentimental value..

-Dogtag, from Mark and Ben
-Expired passport, filled with quite a collection of stamps from all over
-And somethings that sentiments just can't be measured by, in objects
Occasions requiring immense endurance/patience

-Homework, and all things study related, pretty much obvious
-Long distance running, that I haven't done in a while though

I guess there're always many other stuff too, but here's it for now.

penned by joel at 1:11 PM