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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love. A great cover by Josh Kelley, from the soundtrack of A Cinderella Story. There're lots of great songs from that movie, Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me, Chirs Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight, Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul and Best Day of My Life. Just a passing thought.

Packing for the move has been bringing back quite a load of nostalgia. From the mementos kept in the far corners of the cabinets, to the flipping of class photos. Holiday souvenirs and school magazines, all the simple notes tucked into like tiny seams.

Silly, light hearted, I love to pass these sort of notes around when it comes to the end of something. Like a camp, like the end of your stay in schools, pen down something to exchange and you may find out stuff you never knew people thought of you.

penned by joel at 5:13 PM


Great finishes.
Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ok, the last official paper ended at a wee 8.35am yesterday. Woke up at 5.45am just for a 35min CHINESE LISTENING COMPREHENSION paper. Really evil. I had a stomach ache before the paper, and arriving late and last did not help the embarrasment when I requested to go. Lucky it was not a bad one, and took the paper minutes later.

It's like gibberish flowing through one ear and coming out the other. I couldn't make sense of some of the passages, so I started doodling on my script. I was half spacing out thinking of plans after the paper, as currently I had none and it was akin to the lousy anti climax of secondary school tests when I realized, no, the end didn't really go off with a bang.

But fate stepped in last minute. Honestly, it's like always so perfectly timed, meeting with Sabrina. We went to return our Pre U sem blazers and met her in there, with two of her friends. In the end Cheryl and Hong Xiang and I joined her and the other two, off for breakfast.

Then one thing led to another, and we had an awesome morning playing two games of bowling and three of pool. Yi Chen I take back what I said about pool, forgot how fun it was. Haha! I managed to score 98 for my fist game of bowling, unexpected cuz it was only my third of fourth time around. Pool was hilarious, and cheap too :D

The whole day was spent with balls, large heavy ones to small heavy ones to the lovely furry green ones. We met up for tennis shortly after, going home for a break before heading to Sab's place for tennis. Training starts next week and man were we rusty. After a quick dinner and bath at her place, it was 9.30pm and we headed out to E Hub at downtown east to catch our movie at 10. Wanted. Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

~somewhat spoiler ahead~

2 out of 5. Poor taste and quite mindless. Lots of vulgarities to make it look cool. The animations and effects were blockbuster though, but it failed to make up for the shoddy plot. 'I am your father?' 'They set you up?' 'the bad guys have manipulated, you just killed the good guy?' Damn that's so cliche~d. Lousy plot, cheesy script. Don't pay the 6, it's not worth your time. I'm no critic but this is my sour opinion.

Sabrina's dad gave us a lift home, really a lifesaver because it was 30mins past midnight already. We rushed and forgot to bring our cameras, but not like we won't be going out again sometime soon :P

Planned to go out with the guys today, but there's no solid plan. Wish sometimes they'd come up with something, I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping to go out. But at least I'm game for pool now, so if the rest are, opens up options.

penned by joel at 8:57 AM


Herald the feeble freedom..
Thursday, June 26, 2008

The mood after today's maths paper didn't feel much less tense. Cuz I badly needed to pee, nearly made a dash for the toilet. Same thing for the previous two papers, something about the air con hall that makes me need to pee. The cold I think. Numbingly freezing.

My threshold for cold isn't high, and my fingernails turned a near shade of purple, honestly, while I sat there feebly trying to tie the scripts together with stiffened fingers. Was slow and clumsy..

Well anyways, seeing as the exams are after the holidays, this freedom seems like a whole 'nother little holiday. Which is kinda guilty cuz I don't think I'll deserve it. But not like guilt will change anything. I'm looking forward to the one or two weeks from now, when I'll be going for my pre u sem SG outing..

I recently got to know this new paintball arena in Singapore, at Yishun, more than half price of what we paid for at TAG Paintball, with this at $50/250rounds/person. There's no minimum pax, nor max, and boasts the largest arena in Singapore. Also, three arenas to choose from, the firing range, the novice, intermediate and speedball, of which speedball is competition standard.

$10 for 30 rounds at this rifle range.

No bridges and towers unlike the Orchid country club one, but just look at the ground. Flat, no going home in soggy mudcaked shoes, and accidents have a lower chance of happening too.

Speedball. You need to slide and get read flithy in this arena, with bullets sprayed like MGs and reactions that have to snap in seconds. On another note, red bull is kind of a placebo I think, I don't see what's so energizing about it.

It's not bad a size, but doesn't seem as big as they boast. Dunno. Anyways I'd rather play in Singapore than to leave it to Indonesia as Joseph was intending. Prices there may be dirt cheap, and facilities there, huge, but if something were to occur I'd rather the comfort of knowing you can quickly hail cab or something, right?

Must save some cash, really wanna go trigger happy. The adrenaline during the previous game was surging, irreplacable except by this..

It's time to pack up my belongings into troublesome boxes and shift! We're due to move everything by July latest, so I can expect to be settled in by early August. Just the thought of diving into a pool as and when I like it, having the whole room and a toilet to myself.. It's really awesome. Stupid brothers (not Joseph!) keep leaving nothing left in the toilet, and contributing to the filth. Rinse yourself only to realise there's no shampoo AT ALL in the bottle. And sit down to poop in a hurry only to find nothing on the toilet roll. Walk past cockroaches and nymphs and pretend they didn't see a thing. What kind of sick faggots.. You'd think NS has some effect on independence, but my two retards of older brothers.. Lazy and imcompetent to the furthest measures.

That's it for now!

penned by joel at 7:59 PM


je t'aime
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shouldn't be online at this second last day of available revision.

I had a vivid dream last night, so close to her. Closer than I have ever been.

I don't how I composed this, just poured my emotions. It isn't based on reality, though, but how hard I wish so..

It was a distant, cold and lonely place,
All I longed for, was your warm embrace.
My mind painted a picture, of your beautiful face,
Your gentle smile, in my longing gaze.

I fell for you, a fool so smitten,
Now this precious moment, yet I leave words unspoken.
My hearbeat quickens, Is it so clearly written?
But there she patiently lingers, the door behind, unopen.

Winds come to a halt, my arms catch your hips,
The cold of my neck, against your warm fingertips.
I close my eyes, I draw closer to your lips,
That soft wet kiss, and I feel time slips.

penned by joel at 2:19 PM


Monday, June 16, 2008

Man the weather gets warmer and warmer each day. I skipped the class outing to Sentosa today for various reasons, but largely because of money issues. Gonna make my day worthwhile by actually starting on maths. Am I really going to have the discipline? I sure hope so.

Yesterday I popped over to Cheryl's place, got her mom an Orange and Cranberry loaf of cake from Cedele Bakery and made a card myself. Had lunch and studied for a bit. I watched the Happening online over at her place from, lots of links but some unreliable. CHeck it out for really reliable links for series. Anyways, The Happening would get a 1 out of 5 rating for me. I may be no critic, but the pathetic plot and predicable script and acting was unbearable. I wouldn't even watch it for free, for those of you who haven't. Just a heads up.

Initially, I thought the reviews given to M. Night was pretty harsh, being the media, but after watching the movie, I don't think any positive reviews can some out of it. We headed out after that, having dinner at Swensens with her mother and sister. It took long, the service and all, so by the time we were done, it was around 9. A really enjoyable evening, but I think the fun's got to end this week. I'm so dead.

Studies aside, here's a poem I wrote long time ago. I dug it up from my handphone, a saved message that I was intending on putting here for a while but never got down to it. It was one of my first few.

It's in reference to something that happened, but I wouldn't be elaborating.

I could almost cry,
As you said goodbye.
It reminded me of the years gone by.

To think right now, we've come so far,
Is like I've wished upon a star,
And the stars replied, it's just the start.

Before today, my fears,
Had sent me breaking, into tears.
But now there seems to be a possibility,
And I'm counting on it, for all eternity.

I wish I could take your hand and hold it tight,
Because I'd never wish you'd be out of my sight.

penned by joel at 1:47 PM


Relief. And worries.
Thursday, June 12, 2008

A damp Wednesday morning, I woke up to. A tuition friend of Cheryl's asked her out, and she eventually asked Niki and I to tag along. A tumultous history which I wouldn't really bother to regale, so I'll just summarise the day. I forgot to bring along my camera as I rushed out of the house to get to her place for lunch. She's got the same one anyways, so I took photos on hers and uploaded two here.

Her friend, Yip Yang, didn't really have somewhere in mind, so he was more or less just following for the day. We settled for Indiana Jones, so got tickets first as usual then when off window shopping. (cuz I haven't got any to do real shopping :x ) That hadn't any significance, so I'll just skip to the movie. I think it was AWESOME. The Crystal Skull had few and subtle references to the previous three chapters. Quirky, and that's a real plus for those who have watched 'em before.

There wasn't much of a need for special effects, but when there was, it was typical of Lucas Films to get it right. If you saw their simplicity and ingenious methods of filming Star Wars, you'd be awestruck at their concepts. I heard comments from two friends that the ending was enigmatic or bewildering. Personally, I thought there was nothing off about it.. *Shrug*

We had dinner at New York New York, Citylink Mall. I've been by it many times but Wednesday was the first I went in. The prices were more reasonable than some other places like within Wheelock Place. Had the Jiggy Piggy porkribs, which had this really savoury sauce. The wedges, however, tastes awfully similar to the ones at West Kingdom in TPJC's John Cafe. Their wedges are great though, just that I'd rather get the school's ones. Haha.

Plus, the strawberry calamansi quencher I got tastes alot like the fruit punch we can get at Good News Cafe in TPJC (Niki agreed too), but the atmosphere of this ritzy restaurant makes it different. Ambience, make's you pay more for less.

In the picture above, myself, Cheryl, Niki and Yip Yang, Cheryl's tuition friend. Who asked her out. And had no idea whatsoever on what to do the entire day. Except study. Honestly. (Am I being too harsh? But really, who asks a girl out and has nothing planned at all?)

We guessed each the price of the candy floss there, only to find out it was free. There goes your 10% service charge.


On another note, I'm scared shitless on the lack of preparation for my mid years. I have only twelve days left and counting to D Day, and this whole holidays have been blown to sky high slacking. Might as well leave a dotted line for the guillotine..


Mark, Jia! Here's one that doesn't include romance :D


Falling, a cascade,
A rythmic serenade.

Palms against,
My warm breath taints,
I wander off and your voice grows faint.

To the skies I stare,
Sheltered from the cold, damp air.
'Tis a wet affair,
To be caught out there.

I wrote this in mind with a two, three, four verse pattern

penned by joel at 10:58 AM


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Similar to the journal of Zheng Wen's. I had this one peculiar dream two days ago, but the laziness of mine resulted in the delayed post..

There was some happening clubbing event going on in the musty confines of a really run down HDB apartment. Fuschia skies enveloped the evening sky, and we were holed up in a derelict housing block akin to that opposite SingPost at Paya Lebar. It was in the middle of nowhere, tall grass surrounding the estate for miles beyond. The party was held for some ex councillors and some TPJC friends, with Jake organising the event. On the clubbing floor was the typical blinding lights and psychedellic music, except much more gothic.. Niki and some of the rest were dancing really eeriely, as if under a trance.

I went around chatting up company, but throughout the whole time something seemed really off. Like something catastrophic was about to happen. In the middle of all of it, Jia Xian came up to me and told me we had to look for Jake. Something really important, I can't remember what. So we left the unit, all alone in the block, and called for him. No signal though, but we knew he wasn't in the house, so we frantically searched around the estate. We climbed endless stories and the staircases were a maze. The thumping of my heartbeat was audible, and I could sense Jia Xian's fear too.

I nearly lost sight of Jia Xian and that really got me freaked in the dream, because the walls were so stained and the premises were so quiet, imagination made things play in my head. We never found him, and we just kept searching, so deep into our search that we even lost trail of the house. Then came the abrupt ending, when I missed a step and the heart stopping feeling like you're going to fall off a cliff in your dreams. Some of you may know what I'm referring to.

I awoke with slight persperation, and really perplexed. When you have dreams about people you know, it's really worrying because you'd want to think that it has relation to reality, but when it doesn't, you become edgy. Or maybe it's just me. I had dreams before when Shi Qi backstabbed me, costing me my dignity, when Xavier died in a airplane crash and Niki and I saw it on television, rooted to the spot in shock.. Of course, touch wood, none of those ever happened or came close to happening, but it bugs me for several days..

penned by joel at 1:15 PM


Tennis barbeque
Thursday, June 5, 2008

An overcast Monday morning greeted me at 9am, worrying me about the tennis barbeque that was soon to follow. Su-an, Danny and I met up at 11am just to get the gifts ready, the last minute items and the preparations up. Don't know if I mentioned before, but Su-An lives just across the street so it was pretty convenient.

In the end, we didn't manage to finish up the gifts, so come term reopening then we'd pass it to the leaving batch. Drizzles dampened our spirits, and by the time majority of them were over, it hadn't subsided yet. Luckily just about before 6, it stopped and I got the fire going. It took a while for the charcoals to glow though, pretty certain it was of a poor quality. Then when it finally started glowing, I left for a while and some guy took over. People came over and congratulated him for doing a great job on the fire.

What a turd.

Eastern Lagoon 2, behind me's Khayne, and the girl's Xin Hui, the new captain for the girls team. Didn't take many shots while the day was still out, and the fire was going well by nightfall. The food was catered from BBQ wholesale, some outlet that I noticed frequently when I went over to the new house along Frankel Avenue. Lucky I remembered it, so It was convenient for us to get it, just a walk away.

Every guy got dunked in the pool, something Edward wanted before he left. So might as well enjoy it, we played some wrestling thing. Supported on the back of someone, we'd hafta shoved the opposing person and topple him till he fell. Awfully hilarious.

There was even a sauna in the toilet, and it was so steamy, breathing was a bit hard. We were all wet so we decided to dry off in it. Left to right, clockwise from me, Khayne, Sellick the fit dude who does capoeira, Jun De from the same class, Vishaal my ex doubles partner, and Edward, the ex captain, really consistent player.

Cheryl, Kristy, Sabrina and I. Cheryl and Sabrina jumped into the pool too. Sabrina knew some cool jumps and flips, does lots of gymnastic sorta stuff, but just picked it up along the way, not lessons.

Danny, guitar toting, and belting out Tisbury Lane. Love that song..

Jolene, who lived about three stops down. She's the tallest girl I know, haha. (I wasn't bending down in this shot, she's really that tall) Most of us live in the south east area, so it was really simple thinking of the location. Kinda like a close knit buch, and we usually see each other on the bus en route to school. I've already met Su An twice on the same bus on weekends..

Nearing the farewell, we lit five or so fire starters and got a really nice fire going in the pit. Black and white here, cuz colour wasn't as nice. I like the fading and the intensity, we stuck a matchstick in and it fizzed loudly at the flammable end..

Here's a really simple poem I wrote during the Pre-U Seminar when I was bored. I dug it up when I was clearing my stuff just now. This is definitely not one of the better few.

I couldn't think of a title, I don't really like titles. I just prefer to ramble off.

Leave comments! :d

My reluctance,
Over your absence,
Has struck me with great dispondence.

My affection, (and)
Your attraction,
Keeps stealing my attention.

I'm mellow as the days fly by,
And for you I doubt I'd ever lie,
For you, please know, I'd constantly try,
So please look me in the eye, don't shy, don't sigh.

penned by joel at 12:04 PM


Can't help feeling like a Sunday Morning..
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The following events took place last Sunday. I'm way behind on all my posts. D:

It's been a while since the the few of us ex-councillors have gone out, so taking advantage of the holidays, we squeezed in an evening. There wasn't much need to warm up to them, despite the distance it's been since sec 4. I'm lucky to have Niki and Cheryl in the same school, at least not so many of us are apart then..

We headed over to the Cathay to book tickets for Made Of Honour first, didn't intend on initially, but they preferred that over Indiana Jones. I'll be watching that tomorrow anyways, so win-win, if not for the pang of pain from my constantly empty wallet. I really need to get a job after J1. Did I mention I never had any working experience at all? Not that I'm rich enough to sustain myself, cuz those of you who know me, I'm far from loaded. I'm not too liberal on my spending, but not so thrifty to the point of my twin, hehe..

En route to Takashimaya after getting the tickets, at a pricey $10 each. I haven't kept count on the prices rising but it's pretty apparent. It was Xavier, myself, Zhi Wei, Cheryl, Niki and Phyu Phyu, with the rest like Haniffa and Yvonne not being able to tag along.. They felt hungry along the way so we went off to Tomato Express for the second time in a row for Xaiver and I.

The same booth as the day before with Yi Chen, Joseph, Jhin Chee and the two of us, uncanny. Then again, the outlet is pretty cramped.. With the rest in tow, we walked the streets of town till we reached Takashimaya, in my search for this soft toy, a handphone strap.

To no avail, however, and this was a picture ripped off from the internet. I have, however, managed to find it on a online shopping blog, with the exorbitant price tag of $15. Man these Japanese are smart, but as gay as this may sound, I think it looks really cute. ><

Cheryl and I saw it first at Sabrina's church, when a bunch of schoolkids sat in for the Mother's Day service, and several of them had it. Can't remember who directed me to Takashimaya to try and find it, but their's was a different toy. Anyways, I'm now waiting for the seller's reply..moving on..

By the time we finished looking and window shopping, we got back in time for the movie. Honestly, it had lots of connection to myself except with some variations, but in essence I could click with it. So it wasn't a waste of my $10 I guess.. Made someone realise perspectives too, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad. Just hoping I end up waking up on the better side of the bed some years down..

Wheelock Place, the conical roof. Dazzling, ain't it? we went around for like an hour before settling down to Diner USA, a sister restaurant of Billy Bombers. The GST alone for the dinner was a whooping $20+. It was pretty good though, and I decided to splurge or not it'd be a half hearted outing.. Until recently, I haven't felt the pinch of dining out. Didn't know why over the years the dinners out with my family decreased in frequency. Got to put priorities huh? :/ Bloody blood suckers with everything on the rise.

That's about it, we headed home after, and I squeezed in some shots before we parted ways. Not exactly glamourous to be taking in the MRT, but anywhere'd do.. Some may find a certain person in this picture really detestful, others may beg to differ.

I agree with the former.

Those alien to us in the picture, it's Xavier, me, Cheryl, Niki, Phyu Phyu and Zhi Wei.

Mmm, do I sense jealousy? Dig my handphone? :D

More pictures and posts coming up, on the tennis barbeque, stay tuned!

penned by joel at 11:53 AM