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random shots
Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunlight pours through the curtains in the morning, I took this while having breakfast. Kinda serene huh? I like the curtain combinations with each room, kinda gives a different feel to each. Speaking of which, the room I visit the least in my house is the TV room :X

At the poolside, the light was this natural colour, not edited. Made me wanna swim, but I was too lazy, heh. I really really need to get a job, I'm broke, and got a phone bill I don't have the cash to pay for :X

penned by joel at 3:08 PM


Friday, November 21, 2008

Joseph's back from his trip. Initially I didn't think much of his absence, but after a while, it became apparent. I'm not hot for my two older brothers. So without someone to talk to easily or even a minor debate, it got a bit stale. Had to go out or not I'd be bored, and thankfully had his Half Life 2 gift game to keep me company.

I finished that game after about 7-8 hours of gameplay from 2pm, and it's the longest I've played on a single player game for a while. I must say, the plot is thick and sometimes repetitive, but on the whole, it's an amazing single player.

So Joseph came back while I was still fast asleep, he remembered I collect stuff from everywhere I go, except he got sand, while I usually get rocks. No problem anyway, It's the Middle East, and sand's more unique :) Thanks.

I went out on Wednesdayw ith Cheryl, got a nice rug she picked, for my bedroom. And oh, two small cocktail glasses and a cocktail mixer! There were martini glasses too, that looked quite nice, but were kinda big, and expensive.. Had lunch at Ikea and dinner at Pho Viet, the latter was kinda nice. Haven't eaten there in a while, and the economy has its obvious effects on the servicce industry, quantities were cut down visibly, since the last time I went.

Here's the cocktail glass, I like it, kinda stylish :P That drink in the background's like zesty zapple, nice but very mild..

After the housewarming that night, I took some leftover candles and just bathed in a candle lit bathroom. Don't get any funny ideas, and anyway I've been wanting to do that for some time now, it's really tranquil. The raindance shower coming down slowly in pitter patters, and the glow of the flame dancing against the wooden saucer of pebbles. Mmm, scented candles too, lol.

Think I'll be going to Bras Basah with Joseph today, taking a look for new specs, and he wants the new NFS..

penned by joel at 8:42 AM


Singlish, redefined.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can understand it when there's singlish and teen slang, but it especially bothers me with terms like ton, pon or other dialect stuff.. Still, nothing you can do about it, plus you'd only anger people if you try to change 'em.

What really stupifies me is the, uh, stupidity, when it comes to these people spelling. I can't believe I've actually come across circumstances, but thankfully, they're only two.

Can we go steady? ---> Want to state?
I rebonded my hair---> I rebornded my hair.

Boy, really raises an eyebrow. Sometime in the near future, you may get a message of a class shaley stay-over at east coast park.

penned by joel at 7:50 PM


random thoughts
Sunday, November 16, 2008

I just finished reading a friend's blog post. It was about karma and such, but the thing that caught my attention was his verification of such a claim as karma. Basically, he stated that a renowned scientist had evidences of karma, and staunchly believed and supported it's existence. Then the post continued to elaborate on the truth of karma as the renowned scientist must be right in his claim. Since he's renowned.

This may be a bit blunt, but there seems to be a lot of claims based on shaky ground there. If the writer reads this, please know that this is at no intention, an insult. Do not take it to heart, furthermore I do, to an extent, believe in karma. It's just that that sounds a bit naive.. Apologies.

Went to meet Cheryl, her cousin and her sister today to return their swimming stuff they left over at my place the other time. It was at Villa Marina, just close by so I thought of cycling. Only that there was a chain lock on the bicycle. And the keys were locked up too. Jeez I must request permission everytime before using it, it's frustrating. Might as well not even have it, how often can I plan that far ahead without them asleep (always so early) or at work..

So at about 6 today, I had the house warming dinner. Guests poured in, and at the peak, there were easily 40 people around, of which I didn't recognize roughly a fifth. Extended members of even more extended families, how 'classily' Singaporean.

Food was good n all, and at least my cousins and relatives were more talkative this time. Prior to nightfall, however, it was kinda cold and separated, my mom's and my dad's side not interacting at all. Plus, some sat there just stoning, it's like a dead party. Luckily somehow it livened up and got more chummy.

I need a job desperately, sigh.. Birthday, bills and booze. All with B huh? :\

penned by joel at 6:41 PM


Regardless of race, and whatnot
Saturday, November 15, 2008

An interesting poll featured in today's issue of Straits Times, revealed that out of 517 people polled, 477 were not prepared for a prime minister who isn't Chinese. Then again that poll was done on, and the majority nim-wits who trawl that site may have naive opinions. Very.

Still, I must say, if 7% of those polled reflect Singaporeans sentiments, I have no idea how to react. Personally I'm sitting on the fence for this one, except both my legs are on one side rather than separate. Contradiction, huh? But honestly, a topic this sensitive for a nation only 40+ years old, is not unexpected.

On the opposing page, it read; Obama the 44th, or the 1st? Really engaging headline, I believe. I rarely type down such topics, and I simply don't have that much an interest in it, but perhaps Joseph would be very interested in today's papers.

It never really occurred to me that politics was racially dominated in Singapore, until the elections. Not that I have anything against it. As long as there have been no protests and everything's been relatively fine, don't fix it if it ain't broke :\

Darn school band from St. Stephen's woke me up this morning, first time it's happened though.

Found this really really nice song while watching 90210..

penned by joel at 11:04 AM


Greener grass
Friday, November 14, 2008

Two things I only came to know of, and went ahead with having nothing better to do, is now looking up for me. First of, the Japan trip. I didn't know it was even announced early this year, but my signing up has given me an opportunity to go overseas this year. Time has come to the hiatus of stay at home school holidays.

Both older brothers are busy and my parents have got tight pockets, so going on a school trip was not that a bad choice after all. I don't have any close friends going, but apparently Matthias will be going too. Chose to bunk in with him since I'm not too familiar with the rest, but at least the company seems affable at first sight.

Looking forward to revisiting two places since the last time I went, and trying soba there. Heh, no not really crazy over the soba though, but interested. The dates have been moved to 3rd to 11th December, and I've arranged paintball with the guys on 15th. We're short 3 players though..

Anyway, the second is 90210. Well I thought I wasn't into this kind of genre. I didn't like Gossip Girl, or know about many other teen dramas, but after Faizal, Cheryl, Shermaine and Brandon followed it, I just gave it a try. Besides, it's free and I wanna have something to preoccupy myself with.

So it turned out pretty darn nice. Interesting, and although I don't get any of the really great cliffhangers like in Lost, 90210 has it's engaging sides. Also, got some nice music from it's soundtrack online :D

So there, at least my stay-cation won't be so boring, coupled with Stephen King's Cell, which I can't believe too so long for me to borrow and read. I'm about a third through, but Joseph told me not to expect too much from it's ending.

Talking about him, I had no idea he was leaving in the morning, and I feel bad on my part for not asking him. And hence, not wishing him goodbye. Sometimes some stuff really makes me feel lousy that Joseph and I don't share a close enough relationship. What more for the other two, but that's a whole 'nother story.

I'll be bringing my laptop on the trip, perhaps I can catch 90210 online there, or blog and such.. P:

penned by joel at 7:31 PM


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Talk about a small world. I met my ex-councillor senior, Vanessa last night. Apparently she's hosting TPJC's post prom party. It's at Zouk, and if I do go, it'll be my first time going there :\ but the flight for Japan is the day after the next, so depending on the time of flight, I may not be able to go..

On my way home later that night, I passed a van parked by a house. In thick bolded letters, it wrote across the sides, rear and front, The Harvest Force. I won't say anything stupid, but the name just made me raise an eyebrow..

Iim a freethinker, but I find myself more veered to christianity. Partly cuz I spent 3 years in a Brotherhood of the Saints school, and attended church for part of my childhood. Didn't continue though, because I find it hard to commit to the practices and such. Yeah that's a pathetic excuse.. :(

Right now where I live, it's St. Stephens opposite, and somewhere down, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Down the hill less than 5mins is another Bethesda church. So every Sunday, it's like an endless stream of churchgoers crawling the small streets of Siglap. Pretty convenient for catholics and christians living here, I suppose.

Don't really know where I'm going with this, so it's a bit silly, but I'll just end here..

penned by joel at 10:53 AM


Council outing
Monday, November 10, 2008

I hate having to wake up at 6.30 in the morning just to attend lectures for two hours, before going home. Irritating timetable, but I guess when I'm J2, I'll be thankful for the free slots. Not like I've ever bothered to book a consultation before though..

Can't really remember stuff that happened over the past days so I guess it wasn't really significant. Had to go over to Cheryl's to make an order though, I think Friday. Fazari ordered it, had to be Dubai themed.

Since I haven't posted our works here for a while, here's what we completed. There's real sand by the way, if you're guessing. The camels were a bit hard to draw, either looked like kangaroos or giraffes so had to do with touchups here and there.

Oh right, and I got a call telling me I got accepted for the GP school trip to Japan. The only thing I'm worried about now is the company, I have no idea who's going, and no close friends signed up for it as far as I know. There's supposed to be a mail regarding who's participating, but it hasn't been sent since the teacher said 'expect it soon' four days ago.

She also mentioned that tickets have to be booked so we had to confirm quickly. Who books tickets for a trip so late? Oh right it's on 2nd to 10th December. Have a funny feeling about this trip..

Then Saturday came, and we had a lil councillor get-together. I could've died of boredom honestly. Can't be bothered to mince my words, but the person who came up with the idea of going out in the first place, was a total pain in the arse. If you want to go out, have a damn plan. I don't wanna be loitering in a mall with no objective, wasting time travelling with no purpose. Don't get me wrong, it can be fun. But only with the right company.

You just happen to be the type of shit I'd find myself avoiding stepping on, on the pavement.

I still haven't forgotten that childish criticism you blabbered in your blog about the camp I planned. Screw yourself, you can't even plan something fun for 6 persons until I had to rescue your sorry ass with an idea. Since you despise hypocrites, you should seriously contemplate impaling yourself in front of a mirror. It's just sadistic that in the end, you got more than what you bargained for from the outing. I wish I could gut you out with a butter knife..

In the end, I proposed going back to my place and repeating last wednesday's fun. Except this time it just seemed much less, with awkwardness splashed across the deck upstairs. Won't bother to detail.. We tried sneaking in to the neighbouring school too, but the owners of Number 11 seemed to be watching our every move.

Would've been so cool if we could've actually done the nightwalk though. The school's huge, it's like howI always wanted to explore the mansionette opposite Marine Parade Library. I don't know if it's still there, that eerie one with wooden shutters ajar and the dreary greyed-walls. Here and there there were burnt chunks of roofing and chipped concrete edges, with just a torchlight and another friend (yeah I wouldn't go alone though), it'd be so heart pumping-ly cool :\

Here're two shots I squeezed off before they left. Can't help not taking a picture. Heh.

Till next time..

penned by joel at 6:09 PM


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I finished watching Black Hawk Down for the third time. I liked the movie, critics didn't find it too unrealistic either. Got me thinking too, like Yi Chen would after a war movie or dream.. I think the chances of me achieving objectives in combat are really slim.

Give me a project objective or proposal and I'd most probably see to it, but in the conditions of war, I undoubtedly wouldn't think straight. Probably too scared to budge. I recalled in paintball, completely forgetting about main objectives and trying to defend myself. It worked, only one minor cut, but certainly no teamwork. Wonder if that worked up my teammates.

In applicable terms though, I think too much gets clouded in my vision. Sometimes I get to selfish trying to wish so badly for somethings to happen. Either I end up getting it, and spiting someone else, or falling behind further than I started.

Digressing, I realise that one certain event changed me totally. Somewhere back in secondary two, I opened myself to other aspects. In turn, I subconsciously closed some doors. Of course, ignorance is bliss, and had I not opened another, things may have played out for the better. Now I don't know whether to regret the committments I made.

To have had, and lost, or to have never had at all, but the grass is always greener over the fence. I was too comfortable where I was, and now I am resistant to change. I feel like I can't pick myself up. It didn't take everyone to tell me I'm too sticky before I knew it. I just couldn't bring myself to let go.

If I had a polaroid,
Of you and I,
I'd have reminisced and toyed,
Dreaming days gone by.

Blinded by yonder,
Yet eyes opened, unwavering.
I had regretfully gone hither,
Now uncertain, faltering.

The occasional, I wished perpetual,
Ignorantly forestalling, when neither came.
Perhaps it became atypical,
Yet I lay awake, hoping in vain.

penned by joel at 2:43 PM


I'm six feet from the edge, and I'm thinkin,
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chanced upon this really nice song recently, can't remember how I came across it. I think it's pretty old

The holidays are coming and there aren't any overseas plans. No family vacations or school overseas trips. Pity, I was hoping to go overseas with friends for once. Meanwhile, PW is two days away from ending! It's like a large exam over the whole year that's been bugging..

Also, the blogshop's been receiving a continuous flow of business. Surprising, as we did not expect lotsa orders initially. So far we've made about $15 nett, and it's only gettin bigger! :D A bit overloading with orders though, hopefully we'll be able to cope with Christmas orders or we'll hafta suspend temporarily.

Gonna catch some sleep, g'night!

penned by joel at 10:14 PM