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Monday, January 28, 2008

There are some people in your life, which no matter what decision you make, or wherever your stand lies, they will always be able to waver your emotions, sway your verdicts. For most, they'd be the sensible ones. The ones who'll make the right choices for you for practicality, and negate those less important factors.

For me, it's largely Cheryl. As corney as this may sound, as feeble it may be, I only realized how important she meant to me just recently. The O Level posting was drawing to a close, and the main factor I considered was going to a same school. I ignored all the crap about not letting friends influence your decision, and set my mind on where she'd be going.

So here are my choices;

Meridian Science,
Tampines Science,
St. Andrews Science,
Catholic Science,
Meridian Arts,
Tampines Arts,
St. Andrews Arts,
and Catholic Arts.

I left the last four choices blank, as Tampines is a fail safe choice, seeing as it's cut off is 14 and I got a 12. So that's all I've got to say about results.

School today felt lousy, with the initial crashing of Meridian then returning to Tampines. I badly wanted to meet up with the guys, but schedules of Mark, Ben and Joseph did not permit. Let's hope for badminton for tomorrow.

On another note, I have really gotten into the interest of tennis. I am kinda striving for competitive tennis, and trying way hard to jack up my standard. No matter which JC I go I'd stick to Tennis, although Fencing at Meridian (of which my chances of getting in are... maybe 30%?) sounds pretty slick too. It all boils down to the posting, and I am crossing my fingers on making Meridian's cut. Maybe I'd appeal if worst came to worst.

Keep in touch, see you soon.

penned by joel at 4:31 PM


catching up
Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been gone to long, coming home everyday for the past week at 10pm+. So now it's time to catch up on the week and finally get down to packing. Every night I came home for the past week, Joseph was already in bed snoring away so I had to ditch my bag, bathe and get to sleep for the next morning's 5.30am.

Monday was hectic, with the day ending at a late 6+, and tutorials to cram in. Tuesday was spent looking for a present for a new friend's birthday, and Wednesday after Tennis, the celebration.

Then came Thursday. The anxiety was surmounting to a heart attack, and my heart was thumping like the beat of war drums. When Joseph's name flashed for the top student, my reaction was that of part jubliance, part jealousy. That soon died down, but when I got my results I broke down.

Comparison is not a healthy thing. It eats your emotions from joy to despair, and can crumble the strongest of man. Competition is good for some, and I can only hope that the success of my friends would spur me on.

I had 12 points, and I'm firm on sticking on to TPJC. Must have been cause it has grown on me, but the shabby facade that I once thought was omnipresent in the school is fading, literally. A new sprawling green lawn of faux grass spans the field, and the walls and railings are being coated with fresh layers of paint. Although the campus may not be new, it certainly has attached to me. A sense of belonging.

Another reason is for the bonds that have been forged there already, and the familiarity of the campus. I don't want myself going to a new instituition and having to readjust to the surroundings. can take a while ya know, say a week or two, and by then real lessons would have long started.

So here're a few pictures that I've accumulated thanks to my initiative of lugging a camera along nearly everday. Enjoy. For the bottom few, that's Sabrina and Shermaine, from Hai Sing Catholic. *wink*

A candid shot, I asked that James of AV not to take while I was on the phone. -.-

Perhaps he was thinking deeply of his future? Of his 10 points? or maybe the Convent Girls from a floor down attracted his attention.

Exchanged phone battery covers with Sabrina. :D

Shermaine's Birthday, which we rushed madly for to plan and celebrate.

Lemon cheescake! :P

Shermaine, Cheryl, Sabrina. =D

penned by joel at 11:53 AM


Another week notched
Sunday, January 20, 2008

A tiring week, with tennis on three days straight, but I think it was all rewarding at the end, with a scenic trip to Changi Beach. I went with 2 friends from TPJC, Shermaine, and Dickson. And Cheryl, and I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Changi Boardwalk, by the way.

penned by joel at 11:40 AM


Orientation Group
Friday, January 18, 2008

Sean (OG leader), Berenice, Si Wei, Heydi, Ming En, me, Eugenia, Edmund, Daniel, En Yi and Alson.

My gosh who thought eating in a hawker centre for a get together with friends only known for 2 days would still be fun. Here's to many new chapters ahead! (:

penned by joel at 10:43 PM


Of braces and friends
Thursday, January 17, 2008

Braces. for those of you who haven't noticed, much to my disappointment (you don't look enough when I talk?!) you'd notice my bottom jaw has jagged teeth. Bugger. Coincidentally, quite a few of my friends I made recently happen to wear braces too. So lately I have been deliberating the thought of getting them. Here's the pros and cons that I've evaluated


Duh, better flushed teeth for the future


the hassle and cost,

not to mention the misery I'd face in NS having to maintain cleanliness of my teeth and do trainings at ungodly hours with little time to floss and whatcrap.

Hence out of this stupid compulsory National Service, I have debated with myself and come to the conclusion of not wearin' 'em. Hope it's the right choice. Well in about 5mins I'm off to some Orientation Group outing, hope it turns out fun, cuz I gave up badminton with the guys for it. Hopefully I can still meet y'all up after my dinner and we can while the time away chatting. Cheerio, and goodnight for today.

penned by joel at 5:24 PM


An update
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I don't really like it when people say go update your blog. When I come across one stale one, I don't chide the person. Not very nice, since it's purely out of a hectic schedule that one cannot blog. So fine, since people are talking, I'll just scratch off one post despite my crammed to-dos before bed.

These include ironing uniform, 30mins, tutorials, 45mins, and sleep at 10, which will now be impossible due to this blog post.

Anyways, I really really pity thse who didn't go for PAE. Muahaha, it's so much fun, the only thing that discourages me is the lack of sleep. I can really fall asleep in the lecture theatre. My god it's like my brain just shuts down the the air-conditioned room. Gimme a bed and I'd plop without hesitation.

But still, it's been wayyyyyy fun. Got to know lotsa new friends, mainly christian and catholic, for some reason. Hai Sing Catholic girls are have like the best sense of humour. Completely affable. Some guys too, but maybe it's me, I just gel better with girls. Guys can be really boring at times. Sometimes I find myself like Gavin, but with lots more fun.

It's like one heck of a roller coaster ride. I feel like I'm all settled down in this institute, made new friends and beginning a new path, when the O Levels have to come and possibly split us up. A real shame.

I decided I'd probably stay in TPJC, seems calmer than Mugger JC. MJC. Atmosphere is great, and looks like it can only get better. Those who've not gone for PAE, come'ere to muh school! No regrets. Lol.

Lessons tomorrow finish at 4pm, and I'd be giving up the regular badminton permanently unless they change the badminton slots for us to meet up. A real bummer, to give up having to meet up with the guys. The other week was helluva fun too. But I simply can't rush to change and travel so fast. How's mondays?

I'll keep trying to blog, but please pardon my absence if there is a long period of stale rotting. It is tiring, the simple effort of dedicating time to this. So be patient yeah? *yawn* I need more sleep.

penned by joel at 9:03 PM


Of resolutions and random thoughts
Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another new year's resolution to make, an impromptu one. To be less vulgar and hot headed.

This came after someone new visited my blog, and on instinct I reread my blog just incase there was a skeleton I didn't want that friend to find out. I doubled back at the post littered recklessly with vulgarities, and didn't realise my own anger was consumed so visciously.

Less uncouth and coarse, and I hope I can stick to it.


The lectures and free periods have me craving for candy nowadays, and I can't take my mind off those grape jam filled marshmellows. The sweet way it melts warmly in your mouth, and when you bite it, releases a dollop of sugary grape jam. Mmmm. And less troublesome than those long strawberry pencils anyway. I'm gonna get me sommadat, but I think I'm too lazy to head out alone. Even though I've got my hair to cut, and a letter to mail. All at the convenience of Parkway.

Cloverfield opens on Jan 17th, and I guess with J.J. Abrams success of Lost, an spine thrilling series put together by a flawlessly stringed plot, I don't think his movie would be one to miss. Curiosity and boredom got the better of me, and I googled leaks of the movie, only to find out a giant monster is involved, much like Godzilla. That sounds freakishly disappointing, with such an old concept, but I hope I'm not to be disappointed. Lost's new season will come out shortly after Cloverfield, for those of you who watch.

Another dinner tonight with my relatives, for a cousin's 21st birthday. For those of you who don't know, I'm barely close to my relatives. No smsing, or chat, mainly just small talk when we meet up for Chinese New Year and Christmas. So it's a bit awkward sometimes when we're all quiet. Anyways, my dad's side really knows how to pick eateries. The previous time? Some buffet at $90/head at Shangri La, if I remembered correctly. Splendid selection with cuisines ranging from Indian to Japanese, Italian to even candy! :D Another buffet this time, and I can only hope that we get back early so I can wake up at an ungodly 5.30am the next morning.

Toilet uncle and aunties, the topic for today's Newspapers that caught my eye. Those pitiful aged who sit there all day, whiffing the pungent stench of crap all day and having to clean them up too. If I see any the next time, I pledge to give a dollar. Geez I never really had much regard for them until today.

Talking about age.

I can never picture myself 30 years in the future. Sure I'd like to see wings on a badge, but somehow it's like I just never wanna think ahead. Some have it laid out, a steam engine fixed the tracks stretched beyond already. Should I be worried?

penned by joel at 11:21 AM


The far future.
Friday, January 11, 2008

I entered JC to hope to enter a university, but only now after talking to the guys, was I reminded of something I may come to lose, in time. I had forgotten, all about National Service and it's implications.

Going for NS means having to give up 2 years of further education, and during those two years, the girls just move on. Entering university, meeting other guys of 2 or more years older. This startling reminder made me think of her.
Could it be that I worry too much? I have this nagging fear, although for the distant and blurry future, but nonetheless quite real. That is that I may lose her to someone. Thinking and writing about this just makes me feel silly already, but I shan't fake a facade.

I can be patient, but what if circumstances change and bend away from my control? This persistent thought keeps coming back, a boomerang that just won't relent. The fact remains, that most relationships in adulthood have the guy being older, but this thought can't etch in my mind. I always thought I'd wait, but now I seem to fear how long she'll take. Or whether she will at all.

I never saw this coming,

a naive fantasy or a reasonable worry, I can't draw the line between my own perceptions.

penned by joel at 10:06 PM


Of friends, the new and the old

Thursday was pretty much uneventful. Unlike the previous days of utter boredom from a slack timetable, Thursday saw to about 4 different subs for several hours. Hence it was actually a much needed learning slot. We actually envied those with hectic timetables, as mine was dead boring in school on some days, with nothing to do during breaks.

So now I have gotten the new timetable, and to my delight, (soon to be dismay, I believe) it's chock full of lessons, earliest slot ending at 1pm if I'm not mistaken, and latest at 4.30pm. Curriculum aside, I went for badminton that evening, catching up with the usual guys. Jake came along too. An unspoken bond, since being in the same JC, but I felt a tinge proud of being part of my scho- ok forget it.

So anyways, with aching limbs and stretched muscles, I didn't play well. The weekend would be a much needed break, from the tire and sleep hours. Dinner at KFC was unappetizing, with wierd tasting meat and rubbery skin. I swear never to eat there again. My fears about processed food have surfaced much recently, with the spate of hygiene irregularities in the news.

The eventful part of the evening was not the game, however, but the chit chatting at the nearby Petal Garden where we finally talked about the the far side. It's like a maturity of conversation, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, basically the opposite gender.

Interesting debates but the night was running late, and we all had school to attend, jobs to work for. Except Mark. Hehe. A reminiscent recollection of our free days, and maybe it's my imaginaton, but I think we talk more and deeper, subconsciously because we know it may fade away someday. This invaluable friendships.

penned by joel at 7:19 PM


Of exercise.
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I woke up today to an aching body, neck down to the thighs. Bearable though, since I've experienced many like it before after practice runs in Bedok Resevoir. My shoulders cannot be pushed back without the slightest stretch of overused muscles. Ah well.

That was from 2 hours of badminton, 2km of running and 45 mins of rigourous tennis yesterday. Augh. On one hand, my lessons with the coach are more normal than Joseph's, and you wouldn't know what I would be refering to if you haven't read his blogpost. But anyway, Jason doensn't seem to talk to me as wierd as Joseph, so I count myself lucky.

Right now i am in the library again, awaiting with great nervousness, the tennis tryouts later. Several people I see have brought their rackets with them, so I feel a tad unprepared, but I guess bringing your own racket means you should be more qualified to play the sport, and I wouldn't want to make a fool of myself if I cannot cut it.

For some reason I am really REALLY nervous right now, for the tryouts,. or maybe it's the aircon that's adding to my chattering and shivering. Whatever it is, I'm splitting my fingers over crossing them, in hopes I make the team.

Nothing much to do now till 3pm, when the tryouts begin, so I read the newspapers, which they so kindly have copies of in the library. Updated everyday, of course. I think I have grown to this school, although skeptical initially at the shabbiness. But it turns out to be alright, apart from the freezing ICE auditorium, this school seems pretty viable for my JC term. I am even half heartedly hoping for Meridian now.

Ok my hands are humb already so I'm going to end off here. Bloody shivers. Hope this wasn't a boring post.

penned by joel at 1:25 PM


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm not refering to the song, although it's quite nice, by Timabaland or whatever, I don't really care.

I would however, like to apologize sincerely to Joseph, of whom I criticized heavily in my previous post. I will not however, remove the post or edit it. Couldn't care less to, since I'm now in the library and have little time to edit my posts. And it's awesomely laggy too. I have a 1 and a half hour break later on, and unlike MJC, I am not priviledged to leave the school at anythime.

Something to note, I hate keyboards with deep keys. It makes typing horribly irritating as you have to press deep, unlike the ease of a laptop keyboard.

The food here is ok, nothing fantastic, but the nausea I experienced yesterday had better not been from the Chinese Chai Peng stall.

I recently have been visiting very often, to check on the ongoings of my JC. It is a comprehensive website with everything available, and links to keep you entertained. Unlike the uselessness of asknlearn for Damai and Tanjong Katong Primary, it seems TPJC had mastered how to provide a really practical e learning portal that it's students will actually use.

On another note, I have sent a letter to the Straits times Home forum, detailing my concerns of this PAE period. I do hope it gets published as I find it slightly intellectual to have a letter deemed worthy of islandwide readership posted up there. Whoa, long sentence. No punctuation errors though.

And before I end off, I would like to remind those who have played badminton with us before, that Joseph and I have been booking the courts for everytime since. Those who do not have school to mattend should kindly help us book the badminton courts so we can play together and meet once in a while. Thank you.

Again, apologizes to anyone offended in the previous post.

Learnt something ethical in JC today, man must learn at least three phrases, Thank you, I am sorry and Good morning. Simple, you may think, but those simple phrases can strike a chord with emotions when they run high.

To all those not attending the PAE period, I honestly believe you have missed out on a really important period that would have been quite beneficial. Of course, but not for those who were intending on going to the Poly.


penned by joel at 10:21 AM


Monday, January 7, 2008

The timetable has been released, much to the dissatisfaction of several classes. The most infuriating thing is for classes to turn up and have not a single lesson for the day, of which Kai Lin has an issue of. Thankfully, I have not such a situation, but one seemingly similar. My Friday will start with an Econs lecture till 9am, and from then onwards I have no class. At all.

Wonder what I can do, because the library has no comics either

I am however, fortunate that my timetable hasn't ended up like a hectic one of MJC's, where mine ends latest at 1.30pm. Theirs? 4.30pm +. This timetable is however, only for this week, and I hope it'll be more sensible for the next.

I had badminton tryouts today, and saw many pro players of whom undoubtedly came from a badminton CCA in secondary school or had professional training, seeing from their awesome strokes. I, had only casual games to make up for it. i would consider myself below novice, with little experience and ability, owing to the tennis strokes i adapt that are inefficient in this faster paced and smaller game. So I wasn't really confident for tryouts.

The coach was a tacky balding man, who made a subconscious HEH! after every sentence. Comical. But he turned out to be a fucking fuck tard. He never watched my game at all, in the hall of six courts, and took my opponent away for some wierd reason. (he wasn't selected, my opponent, not that he was) So there I was standing like a gorblock, without any competitor, and had to relinquish my court for another waiting team. Do not get me wrong, he in no way rejected nor accepted me. I had no fucking idea why he did that, and as a result without an opponent, I played no further games.

Hence I was not selected, or even considered, that being the case. A 25class fuck head who made me waste 4 hours of waiting. What the fuck at least have the consideration to tell me yes or no, don't completely ignore me and not even tell me what the fucking hell to do. I don't have an opponent of course I can't bloody well play.

I was so infuriated I ran. 2.0km around the TPJC stadium. sprinting 400 out of frustration. I forgot to warm up. I didn't care about the cramps afterward. I intended on waiting for those who made it, but Everyone else left, so I tagged along not wanting to be the only one waiting behind. Till 6+pm.

That's not all. I went home tired from 2 hours of badminton and 20mins of running, only to need to pee and find a fucking lump of turd swimming in the toilet bowl. Get this, my 19 year old brother, in the army and gone through BMT, does not know how the fuck to flush his fucking shit down the toilet bowl. And he want's to get to university. I say fuck his dream and just go sell his body at Changi. That gay fuck. Sickening shit I have to put up with.

Don't even get me started on the twin brother of mine. He comes back asking me how my day was, and I said I didn't wanna talk about it. He presses on and I get fumed. I mean goddamit why not try that on your girlfriend? (maybe you have, that's why) He has ZLICH People Relation skill. I don't wanna talk about it means I goshdarn don't. And oh by the way, don't spam ubiquitous on your blog, I told you it cannot be used in that form already and yet you have this urge to show off. Stupidity + arrogance isn't an asset, dear boy. AND DON'T FUCKING ASK TO BUTT INTO MY OUTINGS. Haven't I told you you're not welcome? Don't go whimping to mommy dammit.


I still have shooting and tennis to try, of which the former I am confident on clinching. A trying day, tiring too. I take solace in the slack period now, and the fun of PAE. Stupid MOE depriving the next batch of students of PAE. And yes I goddamn know what I am saying when I speak of this matter.

Afternote; In my rage, I may have said things too offensive.

but that's too bad then.

penned by joel at 5:40 PM


Joy, let's hope it isn't shortlived
Saturday, January 5, 2008

Well, these past few days have been hectic. For starters I would like to say I was mugging that night owing to the fact that I failed my prelims A Maths, and had to take a qualifying test to make the cut for H2 maths or not my A Maths would've gone down the drain.

Silly, really, because they only told us one day in advance, and I found myself cramming slightly over a year's worth of A Maths into an hour. Thoroughly exhausted. But anyways, I MADE THE CUT! I managed to pass the qualifyings with Cheryl, and it really made our day on thursday when we got the call.

I also sat for Knowledge and Inquiry qualifications, and it's kinda like philosophy. If anyone knows much more than I do about it, kindly advice me on whether it's an advisable subject. Lectures started on firday, mostly introductory, but H2 maths lecture was dead boring. We were taught partial fractions, a subject that has been pushed down such that sec3s are now studying it, while us JC1s are just starting. It's appalling, the workload that MOE keeps dishing down to the younger generations. Much too taxing, but at least they take out some topics like the retarded relative velocity.

Moving on, I'm really glad a large bunch of us Damaians got posted to TPJC. (comparatively, unlike Pionner JC which only has Heng Chang there, Innova with two Damaians and Meridian with what, 4?) It makes adjusting much easier. But I hardly like the 5.30 wake up time for every morning. Horrendously early, luckily I never got posted to Innova. (woodlands)

Few bengs in TPJC, as far as I currently know, so it's tolerable. But there were a couple of overly enthusiastic pompous persons in my house, (family, as it is called acutally) who volunteered for everything and tried to act all friendly and councillorish. They should be shot. All you can do is roll your eyes at their know it all behavior. How do they get friends? Sheesh

Thursday and friday were long, going back to Damai for the sec one orientation as tradition, and actually because I kinda missed my juniors and the old school too. It was warming to see them take over what we were doing last year, akin to the all-grown-up feeling parents have for their kids. The kids looked doe eyed and all, some like me back in sec1, bored and unenthusiastic. It seems as if Winners had gone on a downhill tumble from the time we entered, best house to worst.

We couldn't stay long, however, due to school and lectures the next day. The whole concept still seems alien, but I'm glad some close friends came along to TPJC so at least i wouldn't be alone. Breaks in between classes urge you to eat, and the food is almost double the price of secondary school. There goes my hope for a jacket for the freezing auditoriums. Long days await on this mugging journey, but at least there'll be some getting used to, with this one month PAE period.

I joined 4 CCAs, on encouragement from a senior who advised joining everything you have an interest in, cuz for this one month the CCAs aren't serious and taxing. Soas to explore your possibilities on which to join. I took tennis, badminton, shooting and the students council. The SC isn't like secondary school, whereby you're picked councillor through recommendations. Hence this SC could have quite a few rotten eggs breeding already, but I'm willing to give leadership another try, after 6 years of it.

An evenful and exhausting 4 days, but the hurdle is far from over. Lesson proper has already begun, so I'm only looking forward to the CCA tryouts for some fun. I would still be aiming for Meridian JC, but for now, TPJC seems good enough.

penned by joel at 11:24 AM


New Year
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well I'm running a tight schedule now. Just got back at 5, and had to vacuum clean the house. Now I've got several things on my to do list, but I'm desperately trying to squeeze off this long intended blog post.

Study Amaths, go write a card, and design furniture for my room in the new house. I've nearly forgotten every bit of Amaths I so recklessly chunked together in those two years, and now I'm going to have to sit for a qualifying test to get into H2 level maths.

Anyways, today aside as I fight against time, I shall regale the eventful new year. New Year's eve was held together by bits of badminton, lunch, movie (vexille) and dinner. The highlight of the day was honestly, the dogtags that Mark and Ben got. I really treasure it, and have to thank them once again for the great memento. Proud to wear it. Heh.

The movie was poor, a substandard anime with effects none too good. I did not like the plot either, with a desolate Japan as an anti climax. Those who have the slightest bit of interest in the Anime Vexille, I give a coarse rating of 2 outta 10. I will not go into detail as to why I disliked it, and we shall move on. Time and tide waits for no man, neither do my chances for getting an opening into H2 maths.

Dinner was splendid, a medium steak dripped with warm mushroom sauce, King Prawns (more like just normal prawns, they weren't as big as what you'd imagine) sauteed in a light garlic sauce, and a dollop of Aglio Olio spaghetti. A simple salad on the side, with rocket and lettuce dressed with a tasteful but unrecognizable sweet, tangy dressing. At the price of 12.50, I still have to agree that Tomato express or summat is a great eat on a budget.

Following that was one of the most unforgettable LAN games we've played. For two reasons, because of the near flawless and efficient rigs, and the length of time that we haven't played with the twins. No, I mean Mark and Ben. Team Fortress 2 surpassed my expectations, despite my poor gaming due to its new feel. Graphics and gameplay was good, but took a while of getting used to.

Day of Defeat was an easy to grasp multiplayer, that could've been Battlefield's successor. Enjoyable, and at the price of $5 for two hours. Gasp.

We went on to grab a cuppa at Starbucks, a smooth Caramel Frap with a banana muffin. Unbeknowst to us, public transport was extended till 2+, both busses and trains, but our decision to stay over at our friends was completely unregrettable. Joseph went to Mark's, while I to Xavier's, after thinking that our bus service had ended.

Thankfully we didn't know better, because staying over was an interesting experience I'l hardly come to forget. (yes, only on the eve, did I stay over for the first time at someone else's. ><)

Xaiver's hospitality was great, and thanks again for the accomodation, and breakfast. Slept soundly, even dreamt. (no, not really a nice dream) The next morning we set off for the park, going a further distance than last time, all the way to Changi. The breeze on the way was invigourating, refreshing and a tad wet, from the drizzle.

Journey there was long, and tiring from part of it riding on Ben's bike, but a good exercise I say. Heh. I would gladly post pictures of the Old Changi Hospital that we rode to, in all its gloomy and eriee splendor, but I'll do it on the next post. It was inviting, with it's door's as if beckoning to you to enter. The rickety window panels and the plaster peeled walls felt alien to Singapore's urban 'scape.

Grass grew tall, some rising above my torso, and all over pricks of shap grass cut my legs, as I scaled the steep slope up one of the many complexes. Overgrown with foliage, the entire place was eriee enough at a daylight 4.30pm. Imagine the jitters you'd get at night. Camera's surveilled the premises, detering our curiosity. At the cul de sac of the uphill slope, we came to what was probably the staff quarters, or god knows what, with vandalism and graffiti tainting the compound. It would've been much erieer without them, but the fear factor was tethering on ghastly already.

So down the slope we sped, back to Subway where we had a club sandwich dinner. Mmm, cold cut trio. I love my ham. hehe. The rest is all history, the sad parting on the way home, and the promise of a meet for the upcoming epic movie of JJ Abrams, Cloverfield.

I had a long day today, will blog about it tomorrow when the stress of my qualifying Amaths test is over. Goodnight y'all, and see you soon. Really.

A fresh start, see you on the other end

footnote, (xavier, yi chen) since the uniform is, all the girls wear green there. lol.

penned by joel at 5:59 PM